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TONYCOHEN is a luxury designer label based in Amsterdam and designed by Tony Cohen. The label consists of two bi-annual Ready-to-wear collections with a contemporary price point, TONYCOHEN and TONYCOHEN MAN, and the high-end TONYCOHEN Atelier collection at a designer price point. There is a strong characterization throughout all collections; it’s a duality between strong and soft design features. Experimental materials and unique (handmade) details can be found in all items.

TONYCOHEN . Dedicated . Innovative . Understated luxury . Modern contemporary

At the core of TONYCOHEN stands our dedication for the product, it is designed into the smallest details such as: the in house design of our buttons, which are tailor-made per style. We create double- face finishes, which we apply to bonded fabrics and our fits are controlled into the smallest detail. Tony designs fabrics with unusual blends of materials resulting in high-end innovative fabrics with unique characteristics in texture, look and feel. We do this to create an understated luxurious product with a modern and contemporary edge.

Before starting his career in fashion Tony Cohen pursued the career of a professional baseball player, after a few years in the Major League in the U.S. he made the exciting career change into fashion. Tony started his fashion career in 1998 with a label called Breaz in Italy. At this time 80’s designers like Katherine Hamnet and Jimmy Taverniti inspired him. Finally in 2006, Tony Cohen established the contemporary designer label TONYCOHEN. He made it an international success because by 2007 the label already opened markets in: Greece, Spain, America, Scandinavia and Japan. A year later the Middle East followed. Tony also opened his first Flagship store in 2008, which is now located in the Huidenstraat, one of the famous 9 streets in Amsterdam.

By 2010 Tony showed his 5th Runway show in the famous tents of Bryant Park, New York fashion week. Currently Tony is back in his homeland, showcasing his collections on the Amsterdam Fashion Week. The latest venture of Tony is the release of a menswear collection labeled; TONYCOHEN MAN, which is released in spring 2015. He has taken the opportunity to design what he himself would wear. The collection features advanced style for the fashion conscious man they are non-conformists. His brand is still growing and expanding internationally. Besides starting menswear Tony has also opened a new head office, next to the canals in the city center of Amsterdam, and a new website/E- commerce platform.

What makes Tony Cohen unique as a designer is the amount of detail that he gives to everything he creates. It starts with custom-made colours and materials and it ends with the precise finishing. Everything is taken into account to make sure that he and his team stay true to his first initial idea and emotion of the garment.